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General Course Information
Course #1: Adult Services
Course #2: AT for Educators
Course #3: Legal Issues in Serving Students with Special Health Care Needs
Course #4: Transition to Postsecondary Life
Course #5: Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Students in Public Schools
Course #6: Teaching Disability History in Primary and Secondary Schools

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Special Education Policy Issues
In Washington State

Course #5: Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Students in Public Schools

This course covers selected issues related to serving students with mental health care needs in the school setting. The course materials will provide background information on the mental health concerns that negatively impact the ability of some children to learn; review the primary legal issues raised in schools when serving these children; and introduce educators to new developments in school based services and community collaborations in Washington State. In addition, the course provides an opportunity through discussions and exercises to help practitioners develop skills in identifying students who may need mental health interventions and implementing best practices in the classroom.


Students will be able to:

•  Reviewed the latest research on mental health concerns among school age children;

•  Learned the Washington State system of delivering mental health services to children;

•  Been introduced to the latest school-community collaborative programs and best practice recommendations in Washington State and across the country;

•  Become familiar with the legal obligations of educators and the rights of students with mental health care needs; and

•  Practiced applying the content information to hypothetical “cases” in school settings.

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